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The third class is composed of companies functioning on a hybrid approach, meaning the center is decentralised, though people keeps the customer base and managing features of the platform. As mentioned above, this specific business model is a perfect fit for tasks that do not require a lot of complex blockchain capabilities, but just a functioning platform that is flexible enough for their purposes. Most top rated exchanges come to mind as such – OKEx, Huobi, Bittrex, COSS and also Gatehub (only offered on iOS) are fantastic examples.

To ensure transparency, it’s advisable to select the ICO rating agency that’s so familiar with your project. The ICO rating agencies should in addition be trusted by various other professionals. That is why the ICO rating agencies have to be appropriately regulated by the market. What is the perfect ICO rating agency? The optimal ICO rating company is only one that’s unbiased. Meaning that they’re not paid out by the ICO. They’re not paid by way of the exchange.

They’re not paid out through the ICO team. They’re not paid by the above. Projects publish their data to rating companies on a voluntary basis. Once a project is selected for a rating, the ICOs rating bureau will contact the project group and ask them to complete necessary info. Just how does the ICO rating process work? The process of getting an ICO listed on an exchange is referred to as the listing process. In this operation, an ICO needs to get mentioned on an important exchange.

The ICO is going to need to do this through an ICO rating agency. An ICO rating company is an organization which rates ICOs. It’s an important thing that an ICO do to to get listed on an exchange. You will find many kinds of ICO rating agencies. Many are paid while others are free. ICO rating bureaus have various methods rating the ICO. The most popular solution to rate an ICO is always to rate the ICO against other ICOs. This is done by comparing the price of the ICO to other ICOs.

ICObench also allows you to use one of the multiple payment methods like Stripe, PayPal, and WeChat. What are the most widely used cryptocurrency exchanges which are being mentioned on ICObench? ICObench supports several exchanges. Here are some of the hottest versions that are being listed on this ICO listing website. Our ratings have been recognized as perfect service in this particular sphere by a few industry professionals.

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