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    Having access to a vast array of up-to-date CV's allows HM Sales & Recruitment to narrow down your next employee.

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    Having the ability to utilise big data we are able to narrow down numbers resumes to the right people to join your organisation.

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    Recruiting through us is simple, you provide information on the type of employee you require and we use our system to narrow down.

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If your application proceeds to the next stage you will find out at that point.
Visit here and follow the onscreen password/username reset process.
Please email a list of accounts and we will see what we can do. merge@hmsalesrecruitment.com
Apply once signed up and logged in.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to make any edits to your uploaded document once you have submitted your application. However, we can upload a new updated attachment (resume/cover letter as one file) and delete the outdated version, but it’s not guaranteed the hiring team will be able to see the update if the recruitment is already in progress.

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